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Nutrition Coaching

New moms generally donít eat enough. Youíre busy Ė youíre overwhelmed, and really focused on trying to keep that tiny human alive! We offer one on one fitness coaching designed to help you reach your unique goals Ė whether is eating enough to support breastfeeding, or youíre feeling ready to reshape your body after baby, weíre here to help.

Personal Training

There are a lot of things people donít tell you about getting back into fitness after a baby. Your pelvic health is of utmost importance, and there are many conversations that need to be had to ensure you are healing properly and setting yourself up for long term health. If youíre postpartum and your trainer hasnít said anything to you about your pelvic floor Ė that is a concern! Personal training is the best way to ensure youíre workouts are supporting your healing. One on one personal training is availabile in Simcoe County

Group Fitness

Looking for a way to socialize with other new moms? Join in our postpartum fitness group classes hosted at CrossFit Bradford. Itís a great reason to get out of the house, meet new moms, learn about postpartum considerations in fitness, and get a great workout too. Classes run for 8 weeks. Email for information on our upcoming sessions.

Remote Coaching

Not based in Simcoe County? No problem! Letís connect virtually. If youíre a new mom with questions about how to get back into fitness after having your baby Ė we can help. We offer one time consultations, exercise program development, ongoing support, nutrition coaching, and more. Just ask.

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