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Peeing Your Pants isn't Normal

Peeing Your Pants isn't Normal

Let's be real - the postpartum period is weird, and hard. 

You're trying to figure out how to take care of a teeny tiny human and you're feeling the pressure to "get your body back" as if it somehow left. 

As a gym owner, who gained 50lbs with her daughter - I felt this pressure intensely - and in the process, did more couple of things "wrong" in my rush to return to fitness. 

From my mistakes, is where Diapers and Dumbbells was born. 

The Diapers and Dumbbells program is for any mom looking to get back into fitness after having a baby.  It's more than just a workout class - it's about educating new moms about safe postpartum exercise, while having a bit of fun too! 

There are a few spots remaining in our Tuesday at 1pm Diapers and Dumbbells session starting January 8! The Tuesday at 11am class is full. 

As always, classes will be tailored to the individual and limited to 10 moms (and babies!). This is appropriate for all fitness levels, and no CrossFit background is required.

Tuesday January 8 Ė February 26
1pm - 2pm
At CrossFit Bradford
Cost: $129+ HST
Registration is live here.

If you have any new moms in your circle you think would enjoy the class, or missed out on 11am registration, donít hesitate to pass this email along.

See you in the gym,


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