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Second Trimester Training Considerations

You made it to 12 weeks!

Perhaps that nausea is starting to subside, and you’re feeling a little more like yourself.

The second trimester is kind of “fun” – you feel good, your belly starts to grow, and if you were like me, you may even forget why people keep asking you “how you’re feeling”.

My response was often “Great, but this belly is starting to get in my way….” – little did I know how much bigger it would get by 40 weeks.

In the second trimester, the training mentality you developed in the first 12 weeks officially comes into practice. Now is the time that we begin to really start scaling movements, and being mindful of your exercise choices, beyond intensity and load.

Remember – this period is TEMPORARY, and your training should be different.

Here are a few considerations… please note, this is just SOME of the things to keep in mind and by no means an exhaustive list.

As a general rule, this is the time to eliminate any impact. Single skips are NOT a suitable substitution for double unders, my CrossFit friends. Running, box jumps, skipping and the like should be swapped out for other movements.

Other movements to put on the bench for a while include gymnastics movements like pull-ups, toes to bar, muscle ups etc. The demand on your core for these movements is just too great to make them a worthwhile during your pregnancy.

For my Olympic lifting friends – once your belly impedes your bar path, it’s time to say goodbye to the barbell too. If you’re proficient in the Snatch or Clean – I promise you won’t want to “relearn” how to do these movements, not to mention that triple extension isn’t a great position for your pelvic floor. Use a dumbbell instead!

Some of my other favourite movement modifications for second trimester mamas are below!

Toes to bar – Palloff press, Russian kettlebell swings, ball slams

Pull ups – ring rows, banded pull aparts, banded pull downs

Sit ups – bird dogs, glute bridges, weighted side bends

Double Unders – assault bike, or row for calories

If you need any help with any of this – I’m here!

Next week we’ll talk Third Trimester modifications.

Until then,


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