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Finding Fitness Postpartum

Iíve been spending the last few weeks working to pull together an offering for other gym owners to bring postpartum group fitness programs into their communities. In my gym, we call it Diapers and Dumbbells, mostly because I think its a cute name. 

Itís given me pause to sit back and think about why the program is important to me at all.  

I recently saw a gym somewhat local to me running advertising for their similar program by sharing how much weight the mom had lost in the class. They used their InBody machine to measure the woman before, and after the 8 weeks of the class. This makes me a little sad, and a frankly Ė  a bit mad.

While I can appreciate that ďweight lossĒ messaging directly correlates to sales, I think itís dangerous communication to point in the direction of an already vulnerable population.  

Itís hard enough adjusting to having a tiny little human that relies on you for survival Ė why make it harder? Letís celebrate that these moms are just getting out of the house and doing something for them. That is what my Diapers and Dumbbells program is about, anyway.

Sure, exercise leads to a healthier lifestyle, which generally has the by-product of weight loss, but for me, its about giving new moms the support they need to return to exercise safely, educating them on the importance of core restoration and pelvic health postpartum, and giving them a safe space.

Safe spaces donít promote weight loss at all costs. They donít promote working out as hard as possible as quickly as possible whether theyíve developed the capacity to do so or not. There is no before or after in my class. Postpartum is an ever-moving target, and it is forever. 

I start a new cycle of my class tomorrow. I have twenty moms Iíve never had the pleasure of coaching in this capacity joining me across two classes this week. I couldnít be more excited to welcome them in, and Iím thrilled to say that Iím the last person who will add any pressure to their lives.


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