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I Am Not A Robot

Sometimes, I just have to laugh at myself.

I am the queen of taking on too much. It's been beyond reasonable these last few years. 

Over the last few months, I have had to accept that I am not a robot. I am not capable of wearing all the hats, balancing all the balls or whatever other metaphors there are for all the things I've thrown onto my plate.

So, I had to prioritize. 

Unfortunately, blogging and sharing my story here took a back seat. I am however, now on the "other side" so to speak, with an admin assistant at the gym handling more of the day to day, a book keeper hired, and many many projects happening at CrossFit Bradford finally in the wind. 

Here's the synopsis...

Today wrapped up a 6 week nutrition challenge, and we're reporting over 200lbs lost so far - which is INCREDIBLE. I have cried over some of these results (happy tears, of course).

We're in week 3 of my most recent Diapers and Dumbbells postpartum fitness program and am so thrilled to have sold out 20 spots over two days to new moms. I LOVE helping new moms. It makes my heart swell. 

I partnered with a local physiotherapist for a Pelvic Health seminar and over 40 women attended.

I've had a handful of new moms from other CrossFit gyms, or fitness backgrounds join me for 1:1 training sessions, which has been incredible - and I appreciate all of them so much for letting me get hands on - whether its diastasis concerns, pressure management, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse... I've been able to work with them all so far, and it just thrills me.

I've made a promise to myself to go "back to basics" - with all of my businesses. The gym, the nutrition company, and this one - FitHer Collective. Working with new moms is something I love and want so much, and I just haven't had space to give it the attention it deserves.

I'm almost through this season, and I have a LOT of big plans for all of you mamas, beyond personal training, nutrition coaching, and group fitness - I want to share all that I've learned, and keep you safe along the way. 

So, thanks for baring with me. More to come, I promise. 

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